Our perfume bottles have engraved attraction symbols and affirmation. With its high vibration, they affect the perfume (fragrance) that is inside the bottle. Perfumes are stored in glass bottles scientifically proven to transfer best translates information to the contents in the bottle. Fragrances are enriched with certified liquid diamonds.

Instructions for use:

We apply TheSecretOne1 as the basis, and then we add the perfume from the Informed Energy Collection, which vibrates at the frequency that we most need at the given moment:


  • TheSecretOne1: Attraction /AurumBei
  • TheSecretOne51: Love/AmarNat
  • TheSecretOne55: Happiness/ KalerAdali
  • TheSecretOne59: Lightness/TairLahiri


  • TheSecretOne1: Attraction /AurumBei
  • TheSecretOne88: Streinght/PinAnar
  • TheSecretOne78: Wisdom/AjramPram
  • TheSecretOne91: Energy/OumShaIn