Confident people are pleased with themselves, with their lives and their actions; they value and respect themselves, have a positive self-image, are successful and popular.


Unconfident people, on the other hand, suffer because of their complexes and frustrations, their low self-esteem and negative self-image, which they have subconsciously created themselves.

A self-confident person easily makes their wishes come true, while an unconfident person keeps getting lost in the mists of their mind’s negative beliefs, and often succumbs to numerous self-destructive actions such as various dependencies, addictions or depressions. Nia Tar helps us raise substantially the level of our awareness and confidence. It helps us understand the meaning of self-confidence, discover that numerous problems we face are caused by the lack of it, and thus enable us to exceed these problems much easier and faster. The consequences are drastic and absolutely stunning, while the change we go through is lasting and totally positive.