Love is the primal inner quality we have been called to foster.


The first step on the path of true love is to accept and learn to love ourselves just the way we are. Only then are we able to love others and radiate the powerful energy of love to the outside, towards everyone and everything.
Amar Nat is designed to invite an abundance of love into our lives and pervade us completely with its divine vibration. Love gives a new meaning and true value to our existence. It transforms and elevates us, for it brings out the best in us and re-connects us with our deepest essence, which begins to flourish and glow.
Use this Attraction Symbol when you wish to invite more love into your everyday life. It can also do wonders for your relationship by taking you on a romantic path of exciting infatuation; you will walk in the clouds.

The symbol harmonizes and opens the heart energy center, and activates the thymus gland, which represents the upper heart center; though degenerated in most adults, it used to be greatly appreciated in all highly developed civilizations.