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Amulet for energy + 20 min of Reiki healing

It helps us reach the ideal energy equilibrium in the physical, emotional and mental body, while boosting and restoring our personal energy.

Every one of us needs an energy injection from time to time – to help us revitalize, relax completely, heal, cleanse, rejuvenate and achieve harmony with nature and people.

You will also receive coupon for 20 minutes of reiki healing/energy worldwide (when you are ready to receive heling you just contact us).

Facts on Reiki:

  • reiki is a form of energy therapy.
  • it involves the transfer of energy
  • Reiki can treat many conditions and emotinal states
  • Reiki can charge you with life energy (if this energy is too low you can feel it like depression, anxiety..)
  • Reiki can reduce pain and is effecting in treating diseases
  • some hospital in America and EU offer Reiki


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