Coaching with Maya Peron

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I know how it is to lose your home overnight, how it feels when death claims a loved one, when you are forced to fight for your life after a car accident, when your children disappoint you, when you cheat and are cheated, when your world crumbles to dust, when you can’t afford children food, when you despise yourself, when you are paralyzed with fear, when you cannot see a single bright spot, when life becomes monotonous, when you are no longer looking forwards to mornings, when you can’t look yourself in the mirror, when you lose all faith and hope, when you are desperate enough to want to end your life.

I can still remember the moment when something in me snapped and I told myself:


And I did. It didn’t go as fast as I wanted because I wasn’t mature enough and didn’t have anyone to show me the way and guide me.

Triumph, happiness, gratitude, infatuation, love, respect, belonging, business success, economic independence, self-confidence, pride, trust, playfulness, determination, acceptance, forgiveness, freedom and above all – inner peace. Some of those feelings came back; the others I had get to know first.

When I look back, I smile.

I knew how to create moments, I had courage to follow myself, I always took care of my little girls and people I loved, I always helped anyone weaker and tried to leave everything at least a tiny bit better than it was, I always tried to be responsible and bring light and a spark of hope into the life of others.

I took risks and tested my limits, loved despite a broken heart, broke my wings many times, feel a thousand times and picked myself up a thousand and one times. Yes, I made many mistakes, hurt some people and judged myself because of it. Today I know that I didn’t know any better back then.

At the end I reached a point when I began to forgive myself, which was a foundation that allowed me to start loving myself. A lot of time passed and I had to get recognition and commendation from a lot of important and (worldwide) successful people before I at least began to respect myself. I no longer try to please others but instead try to follow myself and stay true to my values.

I realized that Great and noble people never give flaming criticism, never stomp on your dreams and least of all, stomp on your soul. They may not agree with everything you do, but they help you on your path with all their knowledge and experience. They realize we are all connected and that the feeling of separation is just an illusion. No dreams were ever given without the chance of realizing them. First you need to give, then take.



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