Circle is a magical shape in space that symbolizes the endlessness of being and cycle of eternal changing, repeated birth and creation.


There are eight symbols – keys of energies in magical Attraction Circle that work in complete synergy and harmony, with clear intention of transforming our life according to our wishes and desires. When we touch it, the circle of life is set in motion and the energy is unleashed through the open portal of dimensions in the middle of the circle.

The secret of the endless eight is embodied in the motion of eight energy keys that lead to perfect harmony with Universe.

Attraction Circle combines the symbols for:

  • Happiness (Kaler Adali),
  • Love (Amar Nat),
  • Trust (Elam Lin),
  • Health (Olan Rei),
  • Safety and Protection (Tarin Alb),
  • Harmony (Shani Taer),
  • Money (Amali Doare),
  • Portal of Dimensions (Eglan Vin).