Attraction Circle of Everlasting Happiness is an essential companion for everyone who desires that happiness accompanies reaching their goals and for everyone who wants to achieve the feeling of blissful happiness, lightness and carefreeness.


The essence of the circle is that of a center, focus and expansion.

Circular motion is perfect. It has neither the beginning nor the end. That is why a circle is also a symbol of the cosmic sky that does not have a beginning or end either.

The number seven is believed to be lucky and magical. It represents inner peace, introspection and the path of inner self-confidence. It supports us in changes that are necessary for us to step on the right path, start realizing our life’s mission and feel deep inner peace.

Attraction Circle of Everlasting Happiness combines the symbols for:

  • Happiness (Kaler Adali),
  • Love (Amar Nat),
  • Trust (Elam Lin),
  • Health (Olan Rei),
  • Safety and Protection (Tarin Alb),
  • Wisdom (Ajram Pran),
  • Abundance (Hali Dorei),
  • Attraction (Aurum Bei).

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Copper, Silver, Sterling Silver