Pursuant to the EU Directive on electronic communications and Provision 229 of 8 May 2014 issued by the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data, the use of cookies to obtain your data is subject to your consent.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which is used by many web sites and stored on a user’s computer, in order to identify individual devices that are used by people to access Internet.  Their storage is under the full control of the browser used by the user – cookies option can be restricted or disabled.

Cookies are essential for providing of user-friendly online services. The most common features of e-commerce would not be possible without cookies.

The interaction between web users and a website is faster and easier with cookies. By means of cookies, the webpage keeps track of individual preferences and experiences. It is time saving and makes browsing the Web more efficient and enjoyable.

Why do web sites use cookies?

Moste web sites use cookies, as a convenient means of keeping up-to-date and relevant content that is in line with interests and preferences of each web user. There is a number of reasons for using cookies, primarily their property to store data on the status of the individual websites (details on adjustments to the individual web pages), they assist in the implementation of various web services (online store), collection of various statistics about each web user’s habits – since it is only through them the frequency of visits of certain websites can be monitored.

Companies can use cookies to assess the effectiveness of the design of their websites, as well as the appropriateness of the type and number of ads provided to users on their websites.

Types of cookies

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are always enabled and required to make the basic features of the site possible. They include cookies which allow you to browse our web site without interruption, even if you visit our web site while browsing another website. These cookies make your check-ins and check-outs smoother and, at the same time, help to increase security, in accordance with the regulations.

Functionality cookies

These cookies enable us to improve the functionality of our web site and allow the site to keep track of your preferred option. They help us improve the speed of the web site or your web browsing, help us remember the sites you browse regularly and connect with your social networks. These cookies are a valuable asset in, for example, determining  which products on our web site to offer at a law price.  Disabling of these cookies may slow down your browsing, advertisements will not look appropriate and, at the same time you will not be able to effectively connect to your social networks Facebook, Twitter and others.

Online Behavioural Advertising Cookies

These cookies collect information to provide targeted advertising, tailored to to your interests, both on our website – – and other websites. The data obtained are anonymous, meaning that they are not obtained using your personal information, stored on our site. If you disable these cookies, the advertisements may not be adapted to your preferences.