Attraction Symbols explained

Happiness – KALER ADALI ©

Kaler Adali is a symbol of pure positive energy which is symbolized by a vertical of power with an intersection of present moment placed in the middle. The focus of the symbol reminds us that happiness is a current state of mind. It cannot be transferred into the past or future, but springs from a full awareness and unity with the universe at the given moment. In the present moment, we are the masters of our fate and we hold the keys to our own happiness which can only flow back and forth from here and now. The symbol helps us to keep up with positive emotional and mental attitude which attracts happiness into our lives and helps us retain it.

Love – AMAR NAT ©

Amar Nat is designed to invite an abundance of love into our life and to pervade us completely with its divine vibration. Love gives our life a new meaning and its true value. Love transforms us, elevates us and brings out the best in us. It reconnects us with our deepest inner self, which begins to flourish and glow.

Successes – TIR KAIRI ©

Tir Kairi helps us acquire a new notion of success and move us in the circle of winners. New, unimagined opportunities open up in front of us while we magnetically attract the energy of success in our lives. Tir Kairi dissolves harmful thinking patterns of failure, which we have mostly obtained during the earliest periods of our lives.

Money, Income – AMALI DOARE ©

…attracts money to our life. It sharpens us in the world of financial transactions; it opens us to welcoming goods and melts mind patterns of limiting, stinginess and fear from poverty.

New beginning – ILUR DANAI ©

We should use it whenever we want to start something new, fresh and different. It can be a start of a relationship, new friendship, birth of a child, new job, new way of living, thinking, business project and alike. The symbol will attract the energy that we need to start over. It will ooze the energy in a perfect measure for our life and action.

Health – OLAN REI ©

It helps with the whole process of healing; it starts it and leads the patient to the complete recovery. We should use it to improve the general health of the body, to rebalance our system and to prevent us from getting ill.