About Attraction Symbols


So much of what we perceive as a problem, is only a negative thought pattern. Attraction Symbols are tools for working with energy, they potentiate the Law of Attraction to help us shift the focus from problems to solutions. No matter which symbol we would use, they would shift the core of energy to awareness of self and enhance every aspect of life to positive outcome, but given their specific focuses, they would emphasize on their symbol’s vibration as well. Over time people have grown into awareness of the fact that it is pointless to seek emotional abundance outside self. As health, happiness, success, love, abundance and safety, all these values are hidden within us, and are at our reach the moment we become emotionally aware of our true self.Our energy’s vibration, will power, and faith are the drive force for us to decide on the quality of life we want to live. We need to activate the inner self, and balance it with who we have become in this lifetime. That will allow our focus to prevail and drive us towards what we desire.


Symbols operate on different levels, for example, we can use symbol for love AMAR NAT to recognize our life-companion, improve the existing relationship, improve communication with someone we love, or begin to love ourselves.
Any symbol can be supported by energy of other symbols, for example a symbol for money (AMALI DORE) which does not only increase the actual money flow, but also influences the elimination of the emotions of prejudices and negative beliefs we are often not even aware of, and yet they significantly affect our financial status. There is a wide diversity of symbols to choose from, everyone will find one for themselves, such as health, success, happiness, etc…
Possibilities in use of Attraction Symbols are infinite, and what is most important is that the use of the symbol makes us feel good, and that its vibration attracts and pleases us. We all have our “inner guide”, which tells us exactly what is good for us and what is not. It is up to us to learn to hear it, and act on it!
Attraction Symbols operate on a physical, astral, mental and spiritual body, they teach us to live consciously.


Attraction Symbols help us to stay in alignment with our desired vibration, they awaken our innate abilities in a very gentle and simple way and with that activate our potential to create our life the way we desire.
As they unlock our energy, they effectively remove all obstacles in our way. Connection with symbols influences personal development and spiritual growth, but most importantly they help attract love, happiness, confidence, health, money, success, harmony, and other life values that we strive for in reaching overall abundance.
Attraction Symbols represent one of the ways to change your view of the world forever and change your life for the better.
They are intended for all those who understand, or want to understand energy, for those who do not leave anything to coincidence, those who consciously take responsibility for their lives and actively shape their own destiny.
Attraction Symbols can be a wonderful gift, providing the gifted person with the energy support and vibrational information they need.
We can use them as reminders or “anchors” (anyone familiar with neuro-linguistic programming will know exactly what I mean), but we can also use them to work intensively on ourselves and experience phenomenal breakthroughs and transformations.


When attracting the desired experiences it is important for that period of time to keep attraction symbol amulets close. There are various ways to do so, they can be worn around the neck, on the key ring, in purse or wallet, we can even put it in the pocket. Keep it close by setting it on the desk or nightstand when at home.
Attraction Symbols are a great meditation tools as well. I can’t think of a better focus point than meditating with the favourite attraction symbol amulet, which we can hold in our hand or set in front of us when in meditation.
The next step is to closely observe the upcoming events, be very observant of what is happening around us, what kind of situations we come across, what kind of feelings start arising from them, how we interpret them, what their purpose is and how they can help us.
In other words, start to live consciously, and always strive to focus our attention from the problem to the solution as fast as possible.
By shifting our consciousness, we will experience an incredible change in our energy’s vibration, and with it increase the flow of positive changes.
Symbols can be used as long as we feel we need it, or for some as long as they feel the pull to them. For some people the effect is immediate, as for others it may take a bit longer, it all depends on the internal blockages one can experience. We can use them regularly, even combine them and with it further enhance their vibration.
Amulets are made in Slovenia, in a particular energy axis, which runs from the Triglav mountain range, across mountain Peca towards Prekmurje. They are made with a positive focus and love. Each amulet contains necessary information and is ready for use.


When we decide to use the symbol as support and solution for a particular situation, we primarily need to define the problem accurately and express our expectations clearly.
The best way to do so is to take our time and think it through, because this is a very important part – Imagine having a keyboard in our hands, now what we write (or speak) will be displayed on the screen or as it works in actual real life scenario the Universe is a receptor of our vibration patterns.
The clearer and more accurately we type, faster and more specific the result will be. Remember the saying “what we think is what we manifest”.
When we know what we want, all we have to do is ask. When asking, we need to try and feel our requests, as it is very important we feel what we are asking for. Sometimes it is helpful to build up the emotion of wanting it and than ask the symbol for help (possibly only in our mind) three times by saying its name and thanking it.
People are creatures of free will, we choose our path with a purpose and no one should interfere in our path without our permission, and even though our path is our own and we always get what we focus to attract.
We also have to keep in mind that gratitude is one of the cornerstones of abundance.


At first sight, Attraction Symbols are quite simple signs, but every arch, every dot and spot has its meaning. They are composed of various components, and each of them has its own purpose. For example, open arches accumulate energy, closed ones protect it, and arrows direct it. Relationship widgets give each symbol a vibration, which is equal to the vibration of the values that we want to attract into our life. As we know that energies in resonance attract each other and energies in dissonance reject each other, it is easy to understand why the composition and the vibration of a symbol is so important. Each symbol has its own name, which is composed of two words (any similarity with any Earthly originated language is mere coincidence), and is actually a mantra by which we activate the symbol and increase its power.
A very important emphasis on drawing the symbols is to draw them exactly as they are presented, as if you leave out a dot or arch, or even arrow, the focus is not same as the symbol’s intent in vibration.The Attraction Symbols originate from this universe, and are part of heritage of energy’s creation for the purpose of effective communication with our true selves – as we are energy, and being connected and whole as energy in physical world is not in any way connected to any religious beliefs. And such is the intent and value of Attraction Symbols, they are but a focused vibration, the keys to assist us in connection to our true inner self.


According to an ancient legend, apart from Angels, elves as well played a role in creation of the planets, and universal parallel worlds. They were creatures of exceptional wisdom who understood realm of energy and had the ability to control and focus the energy and its flow. In stories and myths we recognize them by their spiky big ears and lean tall bodies, sharp senses and unusual skills and abilities. Their origin is said to be from the constellation of Pleiades, and their mission on the planet Earth was to assist in its development. Their greatest gift to humanity were Elfin symbols – the keys of energy, which were given to help people to deal with the energy we carry within ourselves, to better direct attention and intention, and to better understand ourselves and the universe.

Through meditation and special techniques, these symbols were channeled in their basic form, in extremely strong energy field area in country called Slovenia, several decades ago.
I was guided to them and was given the task to be their voice, to spread their value and importance throughout the world and help people help themselves, with all my love, energy, knowledge and responsibility. I am also the copyright holder.In esoteric world, it has been recognized a long time ago, that apart from the human realm, there are many other realms characterized by different forms of consciousness.
Ancient people who visited those realms in different ways, and were especially connected to them (eg. Mayas, Celts), used to help themselves with different symbols. Most symbols have been lost in the past, but have been making their comeback to our awareness through various channels in the recent decades. As people are recognizing their values, the symbols have been increasingly and widely used. We all strive for warmth and security from the negative experiences in this world, which is a probable drive behind realization of importance of alternative energy source.